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Cover for Tomas Tankar, del 1

Tomas Tankar, del 1

Tomas Tankar är en samling tankar och ideer som ger dig ett gott skratt, insikter, inspiration och hopp!Det här är del ett!

Cover for Anand Anubhuti

Anand Anubhuti

Expressing absolute love through the message of these devotional songs. These favourite Hindi songs express the depths of the spiritual experience when the soul feels a connection ...

Cover for Knowing Myself

Knowing Myself

Explore the unknown territory of your self with the help of these meditation commentaries. Progressing from an awareness of the inner self, and the consciousness of the soul, to th ...

Cover for Inner Light

Inner Light

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will appreciate the depth and clarity of these short meditation commentaries.Allow yourself to be led inwards to discover the tr ...

Cover for Cycle of Change

Cycle of Change

With the awareness of the eternal self our concept of time changes from linear to cyclical.Sister Jayanti explains our connection with the world of matter and how change is cyclic. ...

Cover for Creating Self-Esteem

Creating Self-Esteem

When we do not know ourselves we cannot respect ourselves, without self-esteem we lack inner strength and lose control over our thoughts, words, and actions, ending up in a state o ...

Cover for Cascade


“Cascade” by Brahma Khumaris is a collection of musical, meditational poetry, that will help you focus or unwind. Whether you struggling to focus at work, studying for school, or r ...

Cover for A Time for Healing

A Time for Healing

In the world today there are so many crises and sorrows, a great deal of disease, emotionally, mentally, and physically, so where do we begin to heal ourselves? We begin to heal ou ...

Cover for Meditation For Busy People – Part Three

Meditation For Busy People – Part Three

Learn how meditation and a busy lifestyle go together. Presented by Sister Jayanti and Mike George, this set of CDs and workbook is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice ...

Cover for Learn How to Meditate

Learn How to Meditate

“Learn How to Meditate” by Brahma Khumaris is a musical, guided meditation. It offers a simple introduction to meditation, with clear instruction to help you unwind and calm your m ...

Cover for You Can't Write Your Name On The Sun

You Can't Write Your Name On The Sun

"You Can't Write Your Name On The Sun" contains a contains a collection of ambiance music and songs that can be used for meditational and relaxation purposes. Unwind and let your m ...

Cover for Understanding Myself

Understanding Myself

Grow strong through a deeper understanding of the Self. This informative talk shows how you can develop positive attributes and strengths that will be your personal tools for life. ...

Cover for Understanding Karma

Understanding Karma

A lecture on the concept of Karma (action), an essential ingredient in the practice of Raja Yoga meditation. It describes the relationship between thinking and behaviour and the me ...

Cover for Stress Free Living 3

Stress Free Living 3

Discover practical ways to turn stress into success. Mike George, an experienced and entertaining speaker on the subject of stress management, offers important insights into the na ...

Cover for Stillness – Divine Meditation

Stillness – Divine Meditation

In creating this divine meditation music, particular attention was given to the Indian Flute, the sounds of which transport the mind to a far away place of comfort and healing. Fea ...

Cover for Relaxing the Mind

Relaxing the Mind

These short commentaries and the beautiful, calming music accompanying them will help you come closer to understanding your inner self. Look inwards and discover the inner being an ...

Cover for Relax


With “Relax” by Brahma Khumaris, discover new ways to counteract stress. Along with Mike George, follow this relaxation programme and learn some of the most effective methods and s ...

Cover for Progressive Meditations

Progressive Meditations

During the early stages of meditation practice, it is recommended to use short, simple commentaries to help the mind focus.As your practice grows, longer commentaries offer a deepe ...

Cover for Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

“Positive Thinking” by Brahma Khumaris offers its listeners a guided, musical meditation to help them unwind, relax, and let go of their stress. Follow the instructions and you wil ...

Cover for Play Better Golf

Play Better Golf

How is your golf game? Would you like to improve and get your handicap down? Randy can help you to achieve this in the "Play Better Golf" self-hypnosis program.Randy Charach is und ...

Cover for Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Imagine that your body is being held tightly, so tightly it can’t move, as you relax each and every part of your body. You become free. “Peace of Mind” by Brahma Khumaris offers it ...

Cover for Payar Ki Lehre

Payar Ki Lehre

”Payar Ki Lehre” is a collection of oriental music and songs to be used for relaxation and meditation. Discover it’s magic and let your mind be transported to a different world. Yo ...

Cover for Moving On – Part One

Moving On – Part One

“Moving On – Part One” by Brahma Khumaris offers its listeners a guided, musical meditation to help them unwind, relax, and move on. Breathe deeply, relax every muscle in your body ...

Cover for Guided Meditation – Time Out

Guided Meditation – Time Out

”Guided Meditation – Time Out” by Brahma Khumaris offers an atmospheric guided meditation that will help you unwind and reconnect with yourself. This guided meditation is invaluabl ...

Cover for Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Do you have difficulty organizing your own life and developing your goals? This program will help you to develop these skills and set you on your way to achieving your goals. Randy ...