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Cover for A Day with von Tirpitz

A Day with von Tirpitz

Set during the First World War, ‘A Day with von Tirpitz’ sees Billy Best and Tam returning from a bombing raid, where the German naval commander is staying. When engine trouble and ...

Cover for Blue Hand

Blue Hand

All that Jim Steele remembers of the disappearance of Lady Mary Danton and her young daughter was the commotion surrounding their large fortune. Vanished without a trace, the two w ...

Cover for A Lost Lady

A Lost Lady

‘A Lost Lady’ is Willa Cather’s brilliant depiction of the decline of the American pioneer spirit and the bleakness of frontier life. In it, socialite Marrian Forrester lives with ...

Cover for The Million Dollar Story

The Million Dollar Story

John Sands desperately needs a bribe. Fast. When an escaped convict turns up on his sofa one morning, John thinks he has found his luck. But will one criminal mind to another be ab ...

Cover for Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Originally published as ‘La Belle et la Bête’, Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve's 'Beauty and the Beast' was published in 1740 and is the oldest known version of this fairytale. "A ...

Cover for The Hand in the Dark

The Hand in the Dark

The aristocratic Phil Meredith chooses to marry Violet, a working-class girl from London, which raises more than a few eyebrows. However, when Violet decides to throw a party for h ...

Cover for Sultana's Dream

Sultana's Dream

‘Sultana’s Dream’ is an extraordinarily prescient story set in fictional Ladyland. The narrator, Sultana, falls asleep and is greeted by Sister Sara, who introduces her to the futu ...

Cover for Some Do Not

Some Do Not

The first novel in the ‘Parade’s End’ series, ‘Some Do Not’ is widely considered to be a landmark novel surrounding the events that led to World War I. We are introduced to mathema ...

Cover for No More Parades

No More Parades

The second book in the ‘Parade’s End’ series, ‘No More Parades’ follows the story of Christopher Tietjens. An Edwardian Englishman through and through, Tietjens is forced to leave ...

Cover for A Man Could Stand Up

A Man Could Stand Up

The third novel in the ‘Parade’s End’ series, ‘A Man Could Stand Up’ follows the further trials of Christopher Tietjens. Set on Armistice Day 1918, the story sees Tietjens back in ...

Cover for A Summer Evening's Dream

A Summer Evening's Dream

‘A Summer Evening's Dream’ (1898), a romantic, sentimental tale about second chances and first love, is a classic short story by the American author, Edward Bellamy, most famous fo ...

Cover for Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

"Husets prakt förbluffade henne men skänkte ingen tröst. Rummen var alldeles för stora för att hon skulle våga röra sig fritt i dem; hon trodde att hon skulle ha sönder allt hon rö ...

Cover for Elinkautinen


Nikolai syntyy imettäjä-äidilleen Barbrolle, joka ei voi huolehtia pojasta 1800-luvun Kristianiassa (nyk. Oslo). Nikolai kapinoi uutta kotiaan vastaan ja lähtee etsimään onneaan it ...

Cover for Love


‘Love’ begins with the narrator writing a long, poetic and lovelorn letter to the object of his affections, Sasha. It has to be absolutely perfect. However, her reply isn’t exactly ...

Cover for Easter Eve

Easter Eve

A sombre, grieving monk, ferries a man across the river to visit his local church for the Easter holiday festivities. As they journey towards the celebrations and excitement on the ...

Cover for The War of Women I

The War of Women I

If you enjoyed the jolly romp, ‘The Three Musketeers,’ then ‘The War of Women I’ is sure to tickle your literary fancy. Set in 17th century France, the plot of this tale is played ...

Cover for A Catastrophe

A Catastrophe

H.G. Wells's short story, 'A Catastrophe' was published alongside many of his other works in 'The Plattner Story and Others'. This novella is a poignant tale of a cloth merchant, n ...

Cover for The Elementary Sherlock Holmes Collection

The Elementary Sherlock Holmes Collection

From intense deduction methods and trusty sidekicks to supernatural dogs and grizzly murders, ´The Elementary Sherlock Holmes Collection´ offers a generous glimpse into some of the ...

Cover for The Pusher-in-the-Face

The Pusher-in-the-Face

Charles Stuart just wanted to sit quietly in the audience and watch the play, but Mrs Robinson and her two friends in the row behind had other ideas...As the curtain falls on the f ...

Cover for Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams

Considered one of the author's greatest short stories, ‘Winter Dreams’ tells the tale of young Dexter Green as he desperately tries to become rich and climb the social ladder in or ...

Cover for The Lees of Happiness

The Lees of Happiness

‘The Lees of Happiness’ is a romantic tale that will make you question what true love really is. A newlywed young woman and her author husband begin married life in a home of their ...

Cover for The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace

Sally Carrol, living in Tarleton, isn’t your typical Southern belle.Bored with provincial life, she jumps at the chance to visit her fiancée’s family, in the North. However, when s ...

Cover for The Four Fists

The Four Fists

Samuel Meredith is one of those men who just seems to rub people the wrong way. Selfish, arrogant, and supremely ignorant, it seems the only way for him to learn is with a punch to ...

Cover for The Cut-glass Bowl

The Cut-glass Bowl

On the face of it, Evelyn Piper has it all: a loving husband, a devoted daughter, and a secure lifestyle. However, she is also the owner of a cut-glass bowl given to her in anger b ...

Cover for The Camel's back

The Camel's back

It’s December 29th, 1919, and Perry Parkhurst has a plan.Tired of his lengthy engagement to Betty Medill, he's armed with a marriage license and a proposal. However, when things do ...