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Cover for A Mother Of Monsters

A Mother Of Monsters

‘A Mother of Monsters’ is a dark and disturbing story. The narrator is visiting his friend, and they walk along the seafront. As their conversation continues, the friend tells him ...

Cover for A Widow

A Widow

Set during the hunting season, the Chateau Baneville is peopled with guests waiting for the weather to improve.After half-heartedly playing board games, they tell stories. None is ...

Cover for Alexandre


With all the wistful romance of ‘The Remains of the Day,’ (starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson), ‘Alexandre’ tells the story of a servant and his mistress, Madame Marambelle ...

Cover for All Over

All Over

A vain and wealthy man, Lormerin is a slave to his mirror and very little else. However, one day, he opens a letter to find that his old flame, Lise, will be in town with her daugh ...

Cover for The Corsican Bandit

The Corsican Bandit

It is often the most humble men that are the most dangerous.Central Corsica is dangerous. There is no question about that. Despite its beautiful scenery, the area is rife with band ...

Cover for Madame Parisse

Madame Parisse

Set on the French Riviera, ‘Madame Parisse’ tells the story of an aristocratic woman, trapped in an unhappy marriage. When her husband goes on a business trip for four days, she em ...

Cover for The Adopted Son

The Adopted Son

Money doesn’t buy happiness. But can it buy love?Two families live in the Norman countryside. Neither of them have any money. Both of them are happy, healthy, and fulfilled. A weal ...

Cover for The Colonel's Ideas

The Colonel's Ideas

Colone Laporte has an opinion about everything. Colonel Laporte is also right about everything. Or so he thinks. During a conversation with a friend, he is preaching his opinion ab ...

Cover for The Child

The Child

What do you do when the love of your life dies?Monsieur Lemonnier completely adores his wife. He spends every second with her. The only thing that their relationship misses is a ba ...

Cover for Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony

What if you had to put a roof over the heads of your enemies?Anthony is a farmer. Sturdy and patriotic, he will stop at nothing to fight the Prussians. Bringing glory to his countr ...

Cover for Aladdin, lampun prinssi. Tarina Pekka Housunkuluttajasta

Aladdin, lampun prinssi. Tarina Pekka Housunkuluttajasta

Pekka Housunkuluttaja haluaisi itselleen samanlaisen taikalampun kuin Aladdinilla. Sen avulla Pekka voisi toteuttaa omia toiveitaan. Isä lupaa hankkia pojalleen taikalampun, mutta ...

Cover for Jaakoppi


"Ja kuitenkaan ei Törres Snörtevold ollut nähnyt paljon oikeata kultaa eläessään; muutamia kullatuita kehyksiä pappilan salissa, siinä kaikki." Törres Snörtevold on köyhä maalaispo ...

Cover for Carmen


Carmen on ajaton tarina kuolemattomasta rakkaudesta, intohimosta ja mustasukkaisuudesta. Espanjalainen korpraali don José tapaa mustalaistyttö Carmenin ja rakastuu palavasti. Niinp ...

Cover for Coriolanus


A famine in Rome among the common people is causing problems for the aristocrats too, including the arrogant Caius Martius, who is particularly despised by people and makes no secr ...

Cover for Main Street

Main Street

‘Main Street’ is the novel accredited with launching Sinclair's trailblazing career. Unlike his contemporaries Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Sinclair chooses to focus on middle America ...

Cover for Sanditon


‘Sanditon’ (1817) is written by the renowned English novelist Jane Austen. The story takes place in the fictional town of Sanditon on the Sussex coast, where Mr Parker, a local bus ...

Cover for The Lad and the Lion

The Lad and the Lion

"The Lad and the Lion" is the first story by Burroughs that was adapted into a movie. It follows the assassination of a king, the quick escape of the heir Michael, and the subseque ...

Cover for Tarzan and the Golden Lion

Tarzan and the Golden Lion

This adventure novel is the ninth in the series and picks up where the action left off in 'Tarzan the Terrible'. Tarzan, Jane and their son Korak find an orphaned lion club, which ...

Cover for The Plays of W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson

The Plays of W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson

This collection of three plays written by two equally creative minds takes the reader on a wild journey. In ‘Deacon Brodie’ we follow the double life of the character of the same n ...

Cover for The Pavilion on the Links

The Pavilion on the Links

If you’re thinking of reconnecting with old friends, this suspenseful tale may make you reconsider.Frank and Northmour haven’t seen each other in years. Mainly due to Northmour bei ...

Cover for The Dynamiter

The Dynamiter

It’s the smoggy, gas-lit London of the 1880s. And three young men—Desborough, Challoner and Somerset—are bored stiff. So this trio make a pact. They’ll alleviate their listlessness ...

Cover for The Description of a New World Called The Blazing-World

The Description of a New World Called The Blazing-World

A young women is kidnapped and made Empress of The Blazing World. Taking root in this new community, she adapts to the culture and ways of the alien population, exploring the vast ...

Cover for Clio


One of Anatole France’s most mysterious and overlooked works, ‘Clio’ (1900) is a fascinating collection of historical tales that represents a huge digression from the author's bett ...

Cover for Clotel; or, The President's Daughter

Clotel; or, The President's Daughter

For fans of American history and the abolition of slavery, 'Clotel' follows two sisters who are the fictional slave daughters of Thomas Jefferson. After Thomas Jefferson's death, C ...

Cover for The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard

The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard

Sylvestre Bonnard, an esteemed ageing scholar of history and philology, finds himself on a trans-European adventure to track down an important manuscript. Whilst on his travels he ...